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Alto on mobile gives you the ability to browse diary appointments and access contacts via your mobile device (phone/tablet).

By using Alto on mobile, you can view upcoming tasks and events with ease whilst you're away from your desk, and save time between appointments without needing to return to your branch.

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What are the benefits of Alto on mobile?

Alto on mobile brings the following features to your mobile device, ensuring you always have the relevant information to hand:

  • A real-time view of your full Alto Diary, and that of your colleagues, helping you stay flexible in case appointments are rescheduled or cancelled
  • Key Diary appointment details such as the property address (with the ability to navigate to it via your maps app), access to keys and alarm codes, appointment notes (including if the appointment has been confirmed along with contact details for all parties), viewings, and appraisal details
  • Contacts details including email addresses and phone numbers, helping you stay in close contact with clients and build stronger relationships

Accessing Alto on mobile

  1. To get started, scan the below QR code with your mobile devices camera to get access
  2. Log in to Alto on your mobile device with your typical Alto login credentials 
    1. You can also visit from your mobile device

Alternatively, you can access Alto on mobile by launching it from the desktop version of Alto. 

  1. Log in to the desktop version of Alto
  2. Click Diary on the main toolbar
  3. Click View on mobile
  4. Scan the QR code with your mobile devices camera to get access
  5. Log in to Alto on your mobile device with your typical Alto login credentials

 Best practice

You can add a shortcut for Alto mobile to your mobile devices home screen

  • iOS (Apple devices) - Select the Share icon in your mobile browser, then select Add to Home Screen
  • Android (such as Samsung or Google devices) - Select the browser menu (three dots) in your mobile browser, then select Add to Home screen. Select Add, then select Add againAlto_Mobile_Add_to_Home_Screen.jpg

Using Alto on mobile

Home page/My Day

On the home page, you can access your diary calendar, view the day's appointments and search for contacts in Alto.

The My Day section displays all of your upcoming appointments for the day. From here, you can tap on an appointment to view more details, including the address, contact information, key and alarm code access, as well as any notes.


Diary calendar

Viewing your diary calendar

From the home page, you can tap View calendar to view your diary calendar containing all your appointments (and cancellations) without needing to return to your branch to sync your phone.

As well as viewing the appointments and their associated details for the current day, you can also swipe left and right to navigate to different dates/weeks, or, tap on a month to view appointments as required.

Simply tap on an appointment to access all the associated details.


Viewing your colleagues diary calendar

Using the Filters option, you can also select your Colleagues across the branch(es) they are part of (or have access to within your group) and filter their appointments to be shown within the diary calendar in day view, and navigate from one day to another.

From here, you can also access your colleagues appointment details (as long as you have access to the appointment and calendar based on your group roles and settings).

Viewing your colleagues diary calendar.gif


The My Day section on the home page displays all of your upcoming appointments for the day. From here (or from the diary calendar), you can tap on an appointment to view more details, ensuring you remain on track, on the go.

Adding feedback/scheduling follow-ups

When viewing the appointment details, you can add viewing Feedback (once the viewing has commenced) that you've received from the applicant, and capture any Internal notes of how the viewing went. This information will then sync with Alto desktop, and show on the Viewing and Timeline screens.

Add feedback.gif


You can use speech to text functionality on your device to record voice notes which will be able to be saved as feedback and notes

You also have the option to Schedule a follow-up viewing, whether that's for the same property or an entirely different one. Select the Date and Time, the Negotiator who will conduct the viewing, the relevant Property, enter any Notes and adjust the confirmation status. Then select Book viewing.

Schedule follow up viewing.gif

Viewing details for Contacts/Property/Notes

Further down, you can switch between the Contacts, Property, and Notes tabs to view:

  • The location, time/date details, and Appointment details in full. This includes the property Address, with the ability to View keys for access to key set information and alarm codes, as well as the ability to View in maps to aid you in navigating to it
  • The Contacts details of everyone involved, including their phone number and email address. You have the ability to tap on the phone number/email address to call/email the contacts directly
  • The Property details, such as its attributes (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, reception rooms), the Council tax band, Tenure, Floor area, EPC rating and Property Lease information if applicable
  • Any Notes (such as appointment/property specific information from parking to pets being around)

Contacts Property Notes.gif


From the home page, you can search for contacts to access phone numbers, email addresses and other details, wherever you are.

You have the ability to tap on phone numbers/email addresses to copy them or call/email the contacts directly. Please be aware though that these calls/emails won't be logged on the relevant records Timeline.


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