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Alto has integrated with FocalAgent, who specialise in the creation of HD photography, floor plans, 360° virtual tours, virtual viewings and property videos.

FocalAgent combine the most talented pro photographers with powerful Focal technology to produce winning visual content for your customers.

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What are the benefits of using FocalAgent?

  • Boost sales - Increase your chance of selling by 42%* with 5-star photography, floor plans, videos and virtual viewings
  • Viewings made easy - Book around 13% more viewings* and reduce the number of physical viewings by 12% with virtual tours and property trailers
  • Get closer to asking - Achieve on average £1,600 closer to the asking price* with FocalAgent’s professional property marketing
  • Save timeFocalAgent’s network of photographers and specialists will visit the property so you don’t have to
  • Approved by agents - With fast turnarounds and responsive local photographers, they’re rated 4.9/5 stars by 70,000+ vendors and landlords

Setting up the integration

If you would like to request access, whether you're an existing FocalAgent customer or if you want to get set up as a new customer:

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. In the dropdown menu, click Integrations
  3. Click the Property Marketing category
  4. Below FocalAgent, click Tell me more
    1. If you're an existing FocalAgent customer and want to integrate your account with Alto, click Integrate FocalAgent. Enter your FocalAgent API key (FocalAgent will be able to provide this to you if you don't know it), Company name, Email address and select the branches you'd like to activate. Then, click Submit. A Connected message appears if successful 
    2. If you're a new customer wanting to get set up with FocalAgent, click Register interest. Complete the short form and click Submit. FocalAgent will then contact you to set up a no-obligation chat so you can find out more about them and how they integrate with Alto.
      Once you're set up with FocalAgent, contact Alto Support and request the integration is switched on. You'll be asked to provide your FocalAgent API key (FocalAgent will be able to provide this to you if you don't know it), Company name, Email address and the branches you'd like to activate

When you sign-up to FocalAgent, you'll be provided with a branch ID in your account details. This can be entered into our marketplace to switch-on the integration for your branch without any support/developer admin.

To check on the status of your integration request and whether it's activated within Alto, you can view the Tell me more > Integrate page. 

integration request activation 2.png

Here, within the Branch integration section, you can view a Sent date alongside the available branches you have access to - this is the date upon which you correctly entered the credentials needed to activate the integration.

Integrated branches will see FocalAgent order buttons on their properties. When clicked, this will auto-login to their FocalAgent account, pre-populating the property address and vendor/landlord details to reduce steps in the order process.

Where a property has a live order already in place, clicking on the FocalAgent button in Alto will take you to a status page where you can check the status of your photography order.

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