Preparation ahead of the Migration Process

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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Changing CRM systems is a great time to have a tidy up and ensure that you’re not transferring data that you no longer need. 

This article includes: 

Archiving or deleting inactive records

In your current CRM, we recommend reviewing your active records and archiving or deleting those which you no longer require before your scheduled migration date.

Regardless of what CRM you're currently using, in order to delete records of information ahead of your migration to Alto, you'll likely have the following methods available:

  • Archive/Delete individual records - Used to archive/delete all personally identifiable information held for individuals
  • Archive/Delete records in bulk (batch deletion) - Used to archive/delete in bulk all personally identifiable information held for individuals

Contact your current CRM's Support team if you need assistance carrying out either of these processes. 

Tidying up records

In addition to the above, we recommend some further housekeeping to tidy up your records:

  • Applicants
    • Extend the expiry date for applicants (if the expiry date has passed) so that they migrate over to Alto as Searching Applicants, OR, archive applicant records

  • Tenancies (ensure your tenancy records are up to date and show the correct status)
    • Tenancies that are no longer active should be updated
    • Tenancies that have been renewed should be set to renewed with the new term and start and end dates
    • Tenancies that are now periodic should be updated

Add Accounts starting balances

If you’re using the Property Management and Accounts functionality within Alto, you’ll need to add Opening Balances. These are the breakdown of ALL the monies you hold in your client account and, if applicable, deposit account. These will need adding into Alto to give you starting balances which reconcile precisely with these accounts.

In preparation for adding your Opening Balances to Landlord, Property, Tenancy and Supplier records, you will need to choose a date shortly after your migration to close down your CRM's accounts to establish what your closing balance is. We recommend that you clear down your client account to its lowest possible balance to reduce the number of entries that you need to manually add into Alto.
For more information on Getting started entering your opening balances, click here

Migrating your data

Before you start using Alto, we’ll take a copy of your CRM's data. During this time, your team can use your CRM as normal – but any changes they make will NOT be reflected in the data we migrate.

Therefore, your team MUST ensure they take note of any changes during this time (i.e. record changes, viewings, diary appointments) and then manually update Alto when they log in.