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125 Alto releases inspired by your feedback deserves a celebration - and there’s lots to celebrate this year.

Below, we are showcasing 12 of the biggest Alto updates from 2023 - from diary colour codes to extended support hours.

12: Just Move In

Save your clients 8 hours of admin time

We added Just Move In’s home-move concierge service to Alto (at no extra cost), so you can save your clients time, hassle and money on their next house move.

For more information on Just Move In, click here.

11: Training offerings

Get more out of your CRM with custom training

As well as our core Alto Essentials training, we launched a suite of custom training options - including our new System health check - to help you get even more out of Alto.

For more information about our training options, click here.

10: National Trading Standards compliance

Stay compliant with changing NTS regulation

With the introduction of new, mandatory property listing fields in Alto, you can be confident that your listings comply with National Trading Standards.

(Plus, keep your eyes peeled for updates for Parts B and C as they emerge.)

For more information on Keeping your property listings compliant, click here.

9: Fixflo

Tackle winter like a pro with Fixflo

With a 236% increase in maintenance issues like mould during the winter months*, we partnered with Fixflo to help property managers deal with a growing number of maintenance jobs, quickly.

For more information on Fixflo, click here.

8: Marketplace partners

Access 11 new prop tech partners

From cutting-edge AI, to admin-busting tenant referencing and onboarding integrations with the likes of Goodlord and Vouch, we’ve expanded Alto marketplace so you can do more from one CRM.

For more information on our integrations, click here.

7: New and improved support

More business-friendly support hours

Get access to extended Alto support from 8am-6pm, Monday-Friday.

For more information on Submitting and tracking Support tickets, click here.

6: PropertyFile bulk invites

Send bulk PropertyFile invites

Save time and invite more of your contacts to PropertyFile at once, with bulk invites from the Contacts Groups screen.

For more information on bulk inviting contacts to PropertyFile, click here.

5: Publish a listing (new journey)

Check and correct listings before you publish

Avoid silly mistakes with our new Portal Publishing and Listing Review pages, with the latter picking up spelling errors or missing NTS fields before you publish a listing.

For more information on Uploading a property to the internet, click here.

4: Add a property (new journey)

Upload property details, fast, 

Get access to a property’s full sales history and listing details with Hometrack and Zoopla data, now available in Alto.

For more information on Adding a new property, click here.

3: Bamboo Auctions

Help sellers get a quicker sale with Bamboo Auctions

Our first auctions partnership gives you access to a whole new database of potential buyers - directly from your own online auction on your website.

For more information on Bamboo auctions, click here.

2: Mobile diary

See more diary details on-the-go

Get a real-time view of calendars across your entire branch, plus access more detailed appointments and contact details in Alto-on-mobile.

For more information on Alto-on-mobile, click here.

1: Diary colours

Get organised with diary colour codes

We actioned your feedback so you can see what tasks and appointments you have at a glance with diary colour codes, now available in Alto.

For more information on Customising the diary colours, click here.

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