Release notes - June 2023

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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Our product development team is constantly innovating, to build a better Alto software experience.

Every time we've added a new feature, we've notified all our users within Alto itself utilising in product messaging. 

However, for a full list of the changes on a monthly basis such as new features, any improvements or product fixes to our software, please see the relevant articles in our 2023 Release Notes section of the Help Centre.

This article includes:


Viewing the latest new features within Alto

To view a log of the latest new features within Alto:

  1. Sign in to Alto
  2. Click the ? icon in the bottom right corner of the screen
  3. Click Product updates
  4. A summary list of our Product updates display. Some new feature updates will include links that take you to the relevant page within Alto. Popup messaging and/or guides may then launch to provide you with more information on what's new



Additional report columns added to the Tenancy Report

This improvement went live on 16th June.

The Tenancy Report (within Reports > Property Management) has had additional Report Columns added to it, including:

  • Landlord
  • Landlord Address
  • Landlord Postcode
  • Landlord Phone
  • Landlord Email

These will be useful for managing your lettings portfolios and getting contact details for landlords for properties being managed.


Look up property information - Tenure

This improvement went live on 14th June.

When you look up properties to find out more information about them, we've now added logic so that the Tenure is only shown if it can be mapped to an option which is active for your Alto group account.

Email tenants and landlords from the tenancy overview

This improvement went live on 6th June.

We have introduced the ability to email tenants and landlords from the tenancy Overview screen.
For more information on Sending an email to all landlords and tenants, click here


Procedure performance improvements

This improvement went live on 2nd June.

P_GetPropertyUploadIndex was identified as a very heavily called stored procedure. We have reduced the amount of calls to this stored procedure by not calling it if the property status is Appraisal or Instructed as these properties will not be uploaded to portals.

Product fixes

Fixing duplicated headers and footers in emails via Event Dates widget

This product fix went live on 29th June.

When the email template design tool is switched off, if an email was sent from the Event Dates widget on the Property Management Dashboard, headers and footers were being duplicated on emails.

This has now been fixed.

Fixing multiple duplicate emails being sent to the recipient

This product fix went live on 21st June.

We're aware of an issue where multiple duplicate emails were being sent to recipients. 

This has now been fixed, at least for bulk brochures (i.e. property-match-based mailshots) by increasing the timeout for the queue responsible for processing brochure mailshots, from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

Fixing GDPR preferences link in brochure emails

This product fix went live on 16th June.

We're aware of an issue where property match brochure emails sent from Alto don't include your standard email footer, or the link to the GDPR preference centre.

The first iteration of this fix has been released so that brochure emails now include the link to the GDPR preference centre, helping you remain compliant. The fix for the standard email footer will follow shortly.

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