Release notes - January 2024

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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Our product development team is constantly innovating, to build a better Alto software experience.

Every time we've added a new feature, we've notified all our users within Alto itself utilising in product messaging. 

However, for a full list of the changes on a monthly basis such as new features, any improvements or product fixes to our software, please see the relevant articles in our 2024 Release Notes section of the Help Centre.

This article includes:


Viewing the latest new features within Alto

To view a log of the latest new features within Alto:

  1. Sign in to Alto
  2. Click the ? icon in the bottom right corner of the screen
  3. Click Product updates
  4. A summary list of our Product updates display. Some new feature updates will include links that take you to the relevant page within Alto. Popup messaging and/or guides may then launch to provide you with more information on what's new

Alto Product Updates January 2024.gif


Get Negotiators endpoint made available for external use

This improvement went live on 25th January.

To support a range of upcoming partner go-lives, we’ve exposed the Get Negotiators endpoint so that a list of negotiators (names and ids) are accessible. This will eventually support booking appraisals and adding properties.

Management Type column added to the Processed Fee Analysis report

This improvement went live on 22nd January.

The Processed Fee Analysis report (within Reports > Property Management Financials) has had an additional Report Column added to it titled Management Type.

This will enable you to distinguish what the Management Type is for the property/tenancy that's attached to the fee.

For more information on Reporting on Fees, click here.

Archiving a duplicate property introduced to the add a property page

This improvement went live on 4th January.

When adding a property, you'll now be able to archive duplicate properties.

Where a property is flagged as already existing with that address and it's not currently in an ‘active’ status, you'll now have the option to Archive the existing property. This will allow you to create the new property without needing to navigate away to archive the original.

Archiving a duplicate property as part of adding a new property.png

For more information on Archiving a property, click here.

Full sales history introduced to the add a property page

This improvement went live on 4th January.

When adding a property, you'll now be able to view the full sales history from HM Land Registry within the Property timeline.

This was a highly requested feature as previously we only had selected For Sale data.

Property timeline full sales history.png

Product fixes

Fixed transactions being duplicated in Alto when viewed on the tenant ledger and arrears statement

This product fix went live on 11th January.

We became aware of an issue where transactions were being duplicated when viewed on the tenant ledger and arrears statement.

The underlying data was correct, but displaying duplicates meant that it would be easy to assume tenants owed more than they did.

This has now been fixed.

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