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Catherine Davies
Catherine Davies
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Alto has partnered with Just Move In, who offer a free home setup concierge service for anyone that's moving home (either as a sale or let move).

Just Move In makes it easier to manage everything from council tax and energy, through to broadband and insurance. From energy and removals through to insurance and storage, they’ll help customers get the best deals, manage their home move admin and altogether create a stress-free home move experience.

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What are the benefits of using Just Move In?

  • Home move platform access - Our partnership with Just Move In is free to you, and also free to your customers. The home setup concierge service includes the switching of: council tax, water, sewerage, and energy. Your customers will also have access to additional services to sort out removals, storage, insurance, tv and broadband, and bills consolidation
  • Let us do the work for you - Alto will automatically guide your customers to Just Move In's services at the perfect moment. Emails will be sent on your behalf at specific milestones in the home moving journey taking away the need for you to signpost movers personally

How does the partnership work?

Providing your customers have given their consent for General Marketing, Alto will automatically send emails out on your behalf promoting the Just Move In service at specific progression milestones in the home moving journey, meaning nothing extra is required from you.

This happens when either:

  • (For vendors and buyers as part of a sale move), the Ready to Exchange sales progression milestone is completed, or the sales progression is updated to Exchanged, whichever happens first
  • (For tenants as part of a let move), the Tenant Referencing Results Received lettings progression milestone is completed, or the lettings progression is updated to Finalised, whichever happens first

We check to see if an email has already been sent to that customer before sending each one to ensure movers only receive a single Just Move In email from you.


In future, we may change the specific progression milestones that we use.

We will only do this if we notice that we're letting movers know too late, and we could have helped them sooner

The email that is sent out will use the following template:

sample email signposting customers towards the Just Move In service

The email will automatically be populated with your customers details along with your agency name and logo, and will be sent from your designated branch email address.


Multiple emails will not be sent to the same contact

If you'd like to check what email address and logo will be used in the email, follow the steps below:

Checking your branch email address

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. In the dropdown menu, click Templates and admin
  3. On the side menu, under System Tools, click System Administration
  4. Click Branches
  5. Click Edit next to your branch
  6. Scroll down to Email Address to view the email address linked to the branch (and alter it if needed)

Checking your logo

The logo shown on the email will be pulled from the brand settings relevant to the customer in Alto.

To view or change this:

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. In the dropdown menu, click Templates and admin
  3. On the side menu, under System Tools, click System Administration
  4. Click Brands
  5. Click Edit next to the brand you wish to view
  6. Scroll down to Media Items to view or upload new files


Your logo must be uploaded with a file name of "logo" in order for it to correctly appear in the email header. Other file names will not be recognised

In the event you don't have a brand logo set up, Alto will automatically use the fallback of the logo set up for the branch instead. Where there is no brand or branch logo in place, the group logo will then be used.

Disabling the home setup service

The Just Move In service is turned on by default.

Should you need to disable it, you can follow the steps below. However, in doing so, you'll be turning it off for all branches in your agency.

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. In the dropdown menu, click Home Setup Service
    1. Click the Settings tab. Then, tick the settings accordingly as to how you'd like the service to operate
  3. Click Deactivate

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