Release notes - July 2023

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Chris Horroll
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Our product development team is constantly innovating, to build a better Alto software experience.

Every time we've added a new feature, we've notified all our users within Alto itself utilising in product messaging. 

However, for a full list of the changes on a monthly basis such as new features, any improvements or product fixes to our software, please see the relevant articles in our 2023 Release Notes section of the Help Centre.

This article includes:

New features

Viewing the latest new features within Alto

To view a log of the latest new features within Alto:

  1. Sign in to Alto
  2. Click the ? icon in the bottom right corner of the screen
  3. Click Product updates
  4. A summary list of our Product updates display. Some new feature updates will include links that take you to the relevant page within Alto. Popup messaging and/or guides may then launch to provide you with more information on what's new

Alto Product Updates July 2023.gif

Alto partner hub

This new feature went live on 27th July.

Partners can now generate their own Alto marketplace integration page within the Alto partner hub.

As soon as the partner creates their initial integration in the Alto partner hub, they can start to build their listing page and preview how it looks. When they are happy with it, they can submit the listings page to our marketing team for internal review. Then, once our marketing team has reviewed the page, it can be published into the Alto marketplace.

Added the ability to filter by property Maintenance Type to the Inventory API

This new feature went live on 21st July.

Maintenance Type has been added as a new attribute to the Inventory API, allowing partners to specify specific maintenance types which they are interested in filtering properties by.

New Alto on mobile features

This new feature went live on 6th July.

The diary calendar now allows you to select your colleagues across the branch(es) they are part of (or have access to within your group) and filter their appointments to be shown within the calendar.

From here, you can also access your colleagues appointment details (as long as you have access to the appointment and calendar based on your group roles and settings).
For more information on Alto on mobile, click here

Alto on mobile colleague calendar.gif


New attributes added to the Inventory API

This improvement went live on 27th July.

The first set of attributes as part of the work to integrate with Moverly have been added to the Inventory API:

  • Property Status (needed by multiple partners)
  • Council Tax Band
  • Service Charge
  • Ground Rent
  • Local Authority
  • Lease Remaining Years
  • Lease Term
  • Negotiator Name

This will allow Moverly to consume values that have already been entered by you into the property report.

The next stage of this work is to add the timestamp for instruction and then the ability for these values to be written to Alto.

Applied new API standards to the Inventory API

This improvement went live on 27th July.

We've been progressively migrating non-standard fields to new API standards.

Now, deprecated fields are marked as such in the documentation.

The Inventory API now supports filtering using created and modified date query filters.

Updates to SMS sender name

This improvement went live on 13th July.

We've updated the sender of SMS messages sent from Alto, from ‘System’ to ‘Alto CRM’. This helps to give clarity on who has sent the message and reduces the risk that it appears suspicious.

New property information shown in viewing search

This improvement went live on 13th July.

Now, when searching for a property for a viewing, Alto will detail whether the property is For Sale or To Let.
For more information on Booking a viewing via a contact, click here
For more information on Booking a viewing via a property, click here
For more information on Booking a viewing via the diary, click here

new property information.png

Prevented invalid SMS characters in sender name

This improvement went live on 12th July.

When you set the sender name of your SMS messages, we've now ensured that you're unable to use characters which are no longer permitted and would prevent messages from being received.

New fields added to notes in diary print out

This improvement went live on 3rd July.

When using a diary print out for a viewing, you now have the inclusion of the property Price and price Qualifier fields within the notes.
For more information on Printing a diary agenda, click here

diary print out.png

Extended queues for leads ingestion

This improvement went live on 3rd July.

We've extended the queues for leads ingestion which prevents issues in relation to having a high number of matched contacts.

The change prevents the matches from overflowing the allowed queue size and causing errors.

Product fixes

Fixed an issue where diary appointments for a user in another branch were appearing in another users diary

This product fix went live on 13th July.

There was an issue where users accessing the Branch Diaries view could see appointments belonging to other users, belonging to other branches (that they shouldn't have access to).

This only happened at the time of appointment booking and disappeared on refresh, and the issue only occurred for a small subset of users where they used to have access to a branch but no longer have access to it (due to their role/permissions being changed).

This has now been fixed.

Fixed an issue with two step verification not working for certain groups

This product fix went live on 13th July.

We received reports that two step verification wasn't working for the majority of users in certain groups.

This was investigated and the root cause was resolved.
For more information on Two step verification, click here

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