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Chris Horroll
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Our product development team is constantly innovating, to build a better Alto software experience.

Every time we've added a new feature, we've notified all our users within Alto itself utilising in product messaging. 

However, for a full list of the changes on a monthly basis such as new features, any improvements or product fixes to our software, please see the relevant articles in our 2024 Release Notes section of the Help Centre.

This article includes:

New features

Viewing the latest new features within Alto

To view a log of the latest new features within Alto:

  1. Sign in to Alto
  2. Click the Alto icon in the bottom right corner of the screen
  3. Click Product updates
  4. A summary list of our Product updates display. Some new feature updates will include links that take you to the relevant page within Alto. Popup messaging and/or guides may then launch to provide you with more information on what's new

Alto Product Updates March 2024.gif

API endpoint created for file notes

This new feature went live on 5th March.

We’ve built a new API endpoint which allows integration partners to create a file note against a property or contact(s). This extends the capability of our existing and upcoming integrations.

Create a contact through the add a property page

This new feature went live on 4th March.

When adding a property, if the contact hasn't yet been created, you can now click Create a new contact to create a contact record for them.

Previously it was only possible to search for a contact to use as a vendor. Now though, a new contact can be created and then used as a vendor.

Create a contact as part of add a property.gif


Auto-filter the diary view when booking a market appraisal through the add a property page

When you book a market appraisal when adding a new property, after selecting the Appraiser(s), the diary view is auto-filtered to show the availability of the selected appraiser(s) so that an available time slot can be used for the appointment.

Auto-filter the diary view when booking a market appraisal through the add a property page.png

File notes formatting improvements

We’ve made some improvements to how file notes are handled in the Timeline to make the information easier to read.

Long file notes no longer appear as a huge block in the Timeline and instead use ellipses when going over 400 characters. Additionally, paragraphing which was previously not visible on opening a file note is retained in the preview.

File note formatting.png

Product fixes

Fixed duplicate contacts matching

We became aware of an issue that occured when creating a contact through the add a property page, in relation to when duplicates get flagged.

Previously, if a contact existed without a property address and a new contact was added with the same surname, but different email address/telephone numbers AND no address, the user was still flagged as a duplicate.

This has now been fixed.

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