Setting up and using Bulk Archive

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Alto allows you to create a listed group of contacts or properties, which you can select and bulk archive.


  • There isn't a Bulk Unarchive option, so care should be taken when using this function
  • Contact records including vendors, landlords, tenants in a current tenancy, publications, board contractors or solicitors can't be archived. In addition, the contact record cannot have any active sales or tenancies
  • Property records where properties have a status of Withdrawn, Not Instructed, Externally sold, Externally Let or Completed, can be archived
  1. Click Properties or Contacts on the main toolbar, dependent on what you require
  2. Click Groups in the top left
  3. Click the + symbol alongside My Groups, to create a new match group
  4. The New Match Group window opens. In the Group section, enter a Name for the group
  5. Tick the required criteria across all the sections and tabs
  6. Click the Bulk Actions tab 
  7. Tick Archivable
  8. Click Save



When you tick Archivable, this confirms that the match group can be used for bulk archiving. It also filters the records so that the group only contains records that have met the validation criteria for archiving

 Best practice

We recommend that you create new groups specifically for archiving. (If you tick Archivable on an existing group, you will only be presented with records that match AND that are suitable for archiving)

Within Groups, a list appears with the records that match the selected criteria.

  1. Tick the relevant boxes to select single, multiple, or all records
  2. With the items selected, click Bulk Actions
  3. In the dropdown menu, click Bulk Archive
  4. A confirmation message appears. Click Yes
  5. A further warning message appears, advising the action cannot be reversed. If you click No, the selected records will remain on the screen. If you click Yes, they will be archived
  6. A message appears, confirming the total number of records that have been successfully archived
  7. Click Ok

A maximum of 500 records can be archived at any one time and if more than 500 records are selected, you'll be presented with a message stating 'Only the first 500 records will be archived'.

The screen automatically refreshes so that you can see any other records that remain. Repeat the above steps until all required records are archived.

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