In Alto, you can process a landlord statement from an individual landlord. This includes:

  • Producing a landlord statement 
  • Viewing a calculation of a landlords NRL tax
  • Withholding money 
  • Adding statement remarks

To view a list of all landlords who have money available to pay, you can view and click the Landlords To Pay widget on the Property Management Dashboard. 
Any landlord who doesn't have any funds to be paid, can be viewed from their individual landlord record where a view of all outstanding invoices and charges can be seen.

  1. Click Contacts on the main toolbar
  2. Select the relevant contact (landlord) from Recent & Favourite Contacts
    1. Alternatively, find the contact (landlord) using the Search Contacts bar in the top right
  3. The landlord Overview displays. Click Actions
  4. In the dropdown menu, click Payment
  5. The Payments For This Landlord window opens. The Payments tab displays this landlords payments 
    1. A tick is already selected to Include items in the list. If required, untick to exclude any items from the list and these items will appear the next time you pay this landlord
    2. NRL Tax Deducted - The i symbol provides a calculation of any NRL tax collected
    3. Balance Carried Forward - If you would like to hold funds, enter an amount here. The next time you pay the landlord, the amount will appear in Balance from Previous Statement
    4. Total Payable updates each time any changes are made in this view
  6. Click the Options tab to edit the details of the landlord statement, or to add a Statement Remark
  7. Click the Payments tab
  8. Click Preview to view a copy of the landlord statement
  9. Click Update to generate a landlord statement, sent by their Account Delivery Method
    For more information on Initial settings on a landlord, click here


  • A Timeline entry appears on the landlord for whom you have updated
  • An entry is recorded on the landlords Transactions where the landlord payment can be reversed, if necessary
    For more information on Reversing a landlord statement, click here
  • Depending on the Payment Type, the payment either appears on the Accounts, Bank Reconciliation or AccountsBACS Payment Update screens
    For more information on Bank reconciliation, click here
    For more information on Making payments via BACS, click here

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