Receipting rent monies for an applicant

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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Monies received from an applicant should be receipted on to a tenancy rather than the applicant whenever possible.  You should only receipt rent monies on to an applicant record when a tenancy has not yet been created, or, when you need to be able to change the applicants on a preparing tenancy. For example, a student let where receipting the monies onto the preparing tenancy would result in you not being able to amend the associated applicants.

If you have received the rent money in advance from an applicant, you have two options:   

  • Create a new tenancy on Alto for the applicant, and raise the Initial Invoice on the tenancy to be able to allocate money received against the first rent due (This is the preferred option)
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  • Receipt the money into Monies Held on the applicant record
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To use the monies receipted on an applicant record for the rent charge on the tenancy, you will need to refund the money held on the applicant record and receipt it in to the appropriate tenancy record      

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