Creating a group of hot buyers

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Alto allows you to create a listed group of your hot buyers which meet a specific criteria.


Groups created from the Contacts section can't be seen by the entire branch or agency. They will only be visible to the user who created them

To create a group of hot buyers:

  1. Click Contacts on the main toolbar
  2. Click Groups in the top left
  3. Click the + symbol alongside My Groups, to create a new match group
  4. The New Match Group window opens. In the Group section, enter a Name for the group
  5. As a minimum, tick the following criteria:
    1. In the Contact Description section, tick Applicants
    2. In the Rating section, tick Hot
    3. In the Intention section, tick Buy or Buy or rent
  6. Tick any additional criteria that you require across the sections and tabs
    1. Click View Results to create a temporary group, which will allow you to refine the list before saving
  7. Click Save
    1. You can edit the group once you've saved it. Click Edit below the group name on the side menu


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