Updating an appraisal from the dashboard

Once an appraisal has been provided and you work towards getting the property or properties instructed, it's important that you record your contact with the potential vendor(s) and landlord(s).

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Updating an Appraisal

  1. Click the Home screen tab on the main toolbar
  2. Click Main Dashboard on the Home screen side menu
  3. In the Tasks sectionclick Appraisals
  4. Select the Market Appraisal from the list and click on the property address
  5. The contact details for the potential vendor(s) and landlord(s) will display on the right. Click Add File Note
  6. Enter your notes and use the tick box to Update Last Contact Date (if applicable)
  7. Click Save

When you have entered any notes, they appear in the relevant property and property owners Timeline(s).

Auto Completing Appraisals

  1. Follow steps 1 through to 4 detailed above
  2. Click the tickbox to complete the appraisal
  3. The entry will be removed from the Appraisals list

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