Changing the diary day/week view

The Diary view can be filtered to show a day, week or month view. Quick navigation buttons make it one click away from the next day, same day of the following week, or back to the current day.

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Available Diaries

  1. Click Diary on the main toolbar
  2. In the side menu under Available Diaries, click My Diary

When viewing the diary in either My Diary or Branch Diaries, change the view using the buttons below. 


  • Day / Week shows appointments in the diary with time slots on the left side of the calendar 
  • Month shows a full month with a summary of the days appointments in each date
  • Day Summary / Week Summary appointments appear in time order with a detailed summary
  1. In the side menu under Available Diaries, click Branch Diaries
  2. From the Style dropdown menu, click Resource View

 In Resource View, the options are reduced to Day / Day Summary.

If you use Today, as well as << < and > >>, they will help you quickly move from one day to another, or to the same day of the following week.


  • Today navigates you to today's date. The background of the current day is always shaded green
  • << navigates you to the same day of the previous week
  • >> navigates you to the same day of the next week
  • < navigates you to the previous day
  • > navigates you to the next day

Custom Diary View

You can also configure your diary to display a custom view.

  1. Click and drag over the required days on the small calendar, on the left hand side
  2. This will create a custom view. The button names change from Week / Summary to Period and Period Summary 

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