First Time Buyers report

The First Time Buyers report allows you to create a list of your first time buyer applicants and then filter and group them by their rating.

To create your First Time Buyers report:

  1. Click Reporting on the main toolbar
  2. Click Applicant in the side menu under Reporting Groups
  3. Click First Time Buyers under Applicant Reports
  4. You can select from several Report Options under Your Report to filter by:
    1. Order
    2. Direction
  5. The report can be further filtered, grouped and ordered using the additional tabs under Your Report
  6. Click Create Report to generate a one off report
    1. You can also Export the report into a .pdf, Excel or .csv document if you prefer to view it in an alternative format
  7. The report will appear as a Page icon next to your login name on the main toolbar. Hover over the icon and click Open next to the report


The First Time Buyers report shows the applicants:

  • Contact information
  • Rating
  • Registered Date
  • Next Review Date

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