Accessing and filtering branch diaries

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The view of the Diary can be changed to different styles depending on what your personal preference is. You can view My Diary, or, change to the Branch Diaries display. This shows all user appointments on one screen with a column for each individual user, or, you can show all appointments in the branch by day, week and/or month.  

This article includes: 

  1. Click Diary on the main toolbar
  2. On the side menu, within the Available Diaries section, you have options for My Diary and Branch Diaries

My Diary

Alongside My Diary, you will notice the Sync symbol. This is used to synchronise Outlook or your mobile device with the Alto calendar.
For more information on Exporting the diary to desktop outlook, click here
For more information on Exporting the diary to iPad/iPhone, click here
For more information on Exporting the diary to an android device, click here

When in My Diary, the display can be changed using the buttons above the diary.


  • Day / Week shows appointments in the diary with time slots on the left side of the calendar
  • Month shows a full month with a summary of the days appointments in each date
  • Day Summary / Week Summary appointments appear in time order with a detailed summary
  • Today and the < > buttons are used to locate the required day, or go directly to a date on the calendar

For more information on Changing the diary day/week view, click here

Filter the Diary

You can filter the appointments that you want to see in your Diary using this panel of toggle buttons. Slide the toggle to On or Off to show or hide the corresponding appointments in your diary.


You can also set a default diary so each time you land on the Diary, it will open where you need it most.

  1. Click Actions
  2. Click Save as my default diary view

Branch Diaries

  1. Click Branch Diaries to change the diary to another Branch and Style.
  • Branch displays all appointments assigned to staff at that Branch, regardless of who made the appointment. This gives full visibility of all the negotiators diaries at the branch, including appointments for them made for properties belonging to another Branch
  • Style
    • Branch View allows the same display changes to be made as in My Diary aboveIn addition, it will show the initials of the negotiator in the corner of each appointment booked
    • Resource View changes the display to show all negotiators in individual columns


You can add and customise more diary groups to your Available Diaries. 
For more information on Setting up and amending Diary Groups, click here

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