Setting up a default diary view

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Zenya Allen
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If you have a preferred Diary view that you use on a regular basis, or more than others, you can choose to set this as your Default Diary View.

  1. Click Diary on the main toolbar
  2. Choose the Diary view you prefer
    For more information on changing the diary day/week view, click here
  3. Click Actions
  4. Click Save as my default diary view

A confirmation flag appears in the top right corner confirming Diary View Saved.
In all future occasions when you access the diary, this preferred view will appear first.


When you have Branch Diaries selected and have selected Resource View as the Style, the default diary isn't possible as it involves a dropdown menu. However, if you set up a new Diary Group in the same style as Resource View, it can then be set as your default diary.
For more information on setting up and amending Diary Groups, click here

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