Printing a diary agenda

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The Diary can be printed to show an agenda of appointments in time and date order.

When using a diary print out, you can view:

  • Property details, as well as the property Market (i.e. For Sale or To Let), the property Price and price Qualifier
  • Vendor details
  • Contact (Applicant) details, as well as their Position, Disposal and Intention
  • Any additional information you've added at the time the appointment was booked

The diary agenda will print the date range you have on view at the time of clicking print.

  1. Click Diary on the main toolbar
  2. Using the calendar or the diary buttons, select the Day or Period you would like to print
  3. Use the toggle buttons at the top of the diary to hide or view groups of appointments, i.e. Appraisals 
  4. Click Print

The Agenda opens in a new tab/window within your internet browser. You can then use your web browser’s print option to print a hard copy. 

diary print out.png

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