Adding a property to an existing landlord

When a landlord has just been added, or for an existing landlord already on Alto, you are able to add a new property to their record.

To add a new property to an existing landlord record:

  1. Click Property on the main toolbar
  2. Use the Search Properties bar in the top right to check if the property record already exists in Alto.
    If it doesn't:
  3. Click Add a Market Appraisal or Property
  4. The Add a Market Appraisal or Property window opens.
    In the Vendor/Landlord section, using the search bar, find and click the relevant landlord
    1. If a record doesn't exist for the landlord yet, click Add New to add a new landlord
    2. Enter all the landlord information possible within the First Person, Second Person, Address and Details sections
    3. Click Next
  5. To add a new property record, in The Property section, click Add New
  6. The Add New Property window opens. You can either use the Postcode finder to set the address, or manually enter the property address
  7. Click Next
  8. Click Book to add a Market Appraisal to your diary (Optional)


    You don't have to book a Market Appraisal at this stage. However, on the property, you will need to record the Proposed price in the Post Appraisal top tab, within Appraisal on the side menu

  9. Click Finish

The property status will stay as Appraisal until it gets changed to Instructed.


You won't be able to market, book viewings or start a tenancy on the property until the property status has been changed from Appraisal to Instructed, then changed to Available

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