Adding a property to an existing landlord

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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When a landlord has just been added, or for an existing landlord already on Alto, you are able to add a new property to their record.

To add a new property to an existing landlord record:

  1. Click Properties on the main toolbar
  2. Use the Search Properties bar in the top right to check if the property record already exists in Alto.
    If it doesn't:
  3. Click Add a Market Appraisal or Property
  4. The Add a Property page opens. Within the Find an existing contact field, enter a name, address, email or phone number to find the relevant landlord. Then, click Search contacts
  5. Select the relevant landlord from the list below, and click Use selected contact 
  6. Click Add a new address
  7. Enter the Full UK postcode, select the Address and click Look up property.
    If we cannot locate the address or postcode via the Look up property option, you have the option to enter details manually
  8. With the property looked up, you can now review the Address and Enquiry Type details, the Property Details, and the Energy Efficiency Rating. Any of these details can be amended, and more details entered if you click the relevant Edit section option
    (For example, you might want to make corrections if work has been carried out to change a 3 bedroom property into a 4 bedroom property)
  9. In the Notes section, enter any Appraiser notes as you see fit
  10. Once you've reviewed all the details, click Save property

add a property edit property details november.png

After saving the property, the property Overview page will load.

Any Appraiser notes you added are visible from within the Post-Appraisal top tab, accessed via Appraisal on the side menu.

You're now able to move on and using the Actions dropdown menu, either Book a Market Appraisal (if applicable), or, Instruct the property (as long as a Proposed price has been entered).

If you'd like to verify that the property has been added to the landlords record:

  1. Click Contacts on the main toolbar
  2. Select the relevant contact (landlord) from Recent & Favourite Contacts
    1.  Alternatively, find the contact (landlord) using the Search Contacts bar in the top right
  3. Click Properties on the side menu
  4. The new property should be listed in addition to the pre-existing property

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