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In Alto, you can easily search through existing landlord contact records as well as create new landlord records. In addition to creating them as a new contact, you can also add a new property record to their landlord record.

There are two parts to adding a landlord in Alto. First, you'll need to add the new landlord contact record as detailed below, then, the second is to customise the settings on their contact record as needed, to ensure best practice. 

This article includes: 

Search for an existing landlord record

Before adding a new contact record, you should first check that the contact doesn't already exist in Alto.

  1. Click Contacts on the main toolbar
  2. Find the contact using the Search Contacts bar in the top right

To find an existing landlord record, you can enter the landlords: 

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Contact address
  • A combination of the above



You can click the down arrow at the end of the Search Contacts bar to include Archived landlords and to further filter the search

You might also want to consider utilising Groups to quickly view your landlords.
For more information on Creating a group of contacts, click here

Adding a new landlord


To create a new landlord, you will first have to create a new contact. Once the contact is added, they will automatically be referenced as a landlord when a property to let is created and linked to them

  1. Click Contacts on the main toolbar
  2. Click Add Contact
  3. The Type of record needs to be set to Client
  4. If the contact is only going to be a Landlord, change the Intention to Not looking
  5. A Deactivating Requirement Profiles? message appears. Click Yes to confirm that you would like to deactivate the requirement profile
  6. Enter all the landlord Contact information possible within the First Person, Second Person, Account Delivery Method and Address sections
    1. When adding a new contact (whose Type is set as Client), upon entering their Postcode in the Address section, you'll have the option to Add a property. Once clicked, this will launch our new method to add a property, with the contact pre-selected as the Landlord
  7. If you are able to complete any additional information in the Position, Preference Centre and Other Addresses top tabs, you can do so
  8. Click Save
    For more information on Adding a new contact and searching for contacts, click here

With the landlord now added, there are additional settings you'll need to customise on their record, such as their delivery method, bank details and payment groups, to help you ensure best practice. 
For more information on Initial settings on a landlord, click here

Adding a property

  1. Click Properties on the main toolbar
  2. Click Add a Market Appraisal or Property
  3. The Add a Property page opens. Within the Find an existing contact field, enter a name, address, email or phone number for the relevant landlord. Then, click Search contacts
  4. Select the relevant contact from the list below, and click Use selected contact 
  5. If there are address details held on the landlords contact record, you can now click Look up property, or, you can Add a new address
    1. If you are adding a new address, enter the Full UK postcode, select the Address and click Look up property. If we cannot locate the address or postcode via the Look up property option, you have the option to enter details manually 
  6. With the property looked up, you can now review the Address and Enquiry Type details, the Property Details, and the Energy Efficiency Rating. Any of these details can be amended, and more details entered if you click the relevant Edit section option
    (For example, you might want to make corrections if work has been carried out to change a 3 bedroom property into a 4 bedroom property)
  7. In the Notes section, enter any Appraiser notes which may help in winning the instruction
  8. Once you've reviewed all the details, click Save property

add a property edit property details november.png

On the contact record Overview, they'll show as a Landlord. The property status stays as Appraisal until it gets changed to Instructed.

For more information on Adding a new property and searching for properties, click here

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