The My Account Design Team page is a dedicated area for you to select your preferred style of brochure and window card, as well as browse sheet templates, letterheads, and upload logos, ready to roll out across your Alto system.

After submitting your preferences, the Design Team will create example templates for you to review. When you are satisfied with the results, they can be signed off.

Included within your Alto order are 10 fully branded templates split across your brochures, window cards and browse sheets.  

This article includes: 

Template selection

  1. Log in to My Account
  2. Click Design Team
  3. Either click Brochures, Window Card, Browse Sheet or Letters to display a variety of templates available for your review and selection
  4. Click View PDF on each template to view them in greater detail 
  5. Click Add once you have decided on the most suitable template(s)


Custom Template

If you prefer to use one or more of your current template designs for your brochures, window cards or browse sheets, this is possible if you click Custom Template.

Any custom templates will be included in the 10 template setup total.

  1. Log in to My Account
  2. Click Design Team
  3. Either click Brochures, Window Card, Browse Sheet or Letters
  4. Click Add below the Custom Template option  
  5. In My Selected Brochures Templates, click Upload a File to upload a .pdf file of your Custom Template 



As part of your Alto order, we will provide you with a standard pack of sales and lettings letters, all of which can be viewed.  

  1. Log in to My Account
  2. Click Design Team
  3. Click Letters
  4. Click View PDF under Vebra Alto Standard Letters to display the standard templates available 
    • These letters will be preloaded into your Alto database and available in your live database
    • They are fully editable, the process for amending and adding additional letters will be covered during training

Custom Letters

As part of your Alto order, you have the option to add four of your own letter templates. 

We would suggest you select the letters most integral to your day to day business, such as your Terms of Business (Sales & Lettings), Post Valuation letter and Instruction letters.  

If you prefer to use one or more of your current letter templates, click Add next to the corresponding template title and upload a Microsoft Word Version of the desired template.


General Details

The General Details section contains the final information our design team requires in order to set up your templates and Alto account.  

  1. Fonts - Select your preferred style of font to be used in all templates
  2. Floorplan - Select the style your agency uses when uploading to the portals or a brochure
  3. Map - Select if you prefer an image appearing on your brochure templates
  4. Pre-printed headed paper - Select if you will be using pre-printed headed paper printed from Alto
  5. Notes & Design Preferences - The text box on the right side should be utilised to add any additional information, such as preferences or amendments which you wish to make to your selected templates, e.g. number of pictures on a template, using more or less information etc 
  6. Logos & Artwork - Click +Upload File to select your logos which will be applied to all created templates
  7. Letterhead - Click +Upload a File to select your letterhead, as these are required for the set up of a master document in Alto, onto which all email and letters will be created
  8. Tick to confirm you have chosen your templates, specified requirements and uploaded the necessary files to finalise your design requirements
  9. Click Save changes


Design Team sign off

Once your selections have been submitted, our design team will begin work on branding your account. They will then upload the templates into the My Account, Design Team Sign-Off section.  

You will receive an email from our designers asking you to sign in to your My Account, review the templates and advise as to any amendments required.  

This process can be repeated until you are satisfied with the templates, at which point you can sign off the templates on the Design Team Sign-Off section. 

Once signed off, the template designs will be automatically added into your Alto account ready for you to use.

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