Adding eSigning merge codes to letter templates

eSigning allows your clients to sign important paperwork online. Your agency is able to manage the progress of your eSign documents, view completed documents, as well as provide an audit trail in the corresponding timeline.

To set your documents up to be used with eSigning, you need to add eSigning merge codes to your new or existing letter templates.

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. On the side menu, under App Tools, click Letter and Stationery Templates
  3. Click the Letter Template you want to edit for eSigning 
  4. The Letter Template opens. Position your cursor in the area of your letter where you’d like the eSignature to appear and press # on your keyboard
  5. The merge code search box opens. Type eSignature to view the available eSignature merge codes
  6. Click on your required merge code. It will now appear in the position of your cursor on the template
  7. Click Save 

Each eSignature merge code forms a block of contacts, for example, when the #esignatures_tenant# is included in a document, the document will return ALL the respective tenants on the tenancy.



If your Letter Template contains a table, make sure that you’re putting the eSignature merge code outside of the table, or remove the table completely

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