Adding page numbering to a letter template

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Zenya Allen
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Page numbering is added to a Stationery Template in the Stationery Designer, and not on the Letter Template.

To avoid adding page numbering on an existing template which might already be used for other letters, best practice is that you create a new Stationery Template.
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If the stationery template doesn't open in a new browser tab at point 4 below, your browser may be set to block pop-ups. Contact your IT company for changes to your pop up blocker settings

To add page numbering:

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. In the dropdown menu, click Templates and admin
  3. On the side menu, under App Tools, click Letter & Stationery Templates
  4. Click the relevant, new Stationery Template, identified by a folded page symbol
  5. The Stationery Designer opens in a new tab on your browser
  6. Click into the page, and on the toolbar, click Add Section
  7. Choose Type displays. Click Dynamic Text
  8. The Dynamic Text Editor displays. Click the Doc Fields tab
  9. Click Doc: Page X of Y. The respective code populates the text box

  10. Click Close
  11. Page 1 of 1 will appear in the middle of your template
    1. Click and hold your cursor inside the blue box to drag it into the correct position on the page
    2. Click and hold your cursor on a corner to reduce the size of the blue box
  12. Click Save on the toolbar
  13. Close the Stationery Designer tab on your browser

The new Stationery Template is available for you to select in any chosen Letter Template.
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