Adding an attachment to a letter template

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Alto uses a word processor to create letter templates. As part of this process, if you have a document that needs to be permanently attached to a letter, the document can be set up on the letter template so it's always attached when the letter is produced.

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Upload the document


  • You will need access to System Administration, to add the document you want to attach. Your appointed Group Administrator will have access to these permissions
  • It isn't possible to add merge codes to your attached document, only to the contents of the letter template
    For more information on Adding merge codes to a letter template, click here
    For more information on a List of merge codes for letter templates, click here

The document you want to attach to your letter template must first be uploaded into your branch settings in .pdf format.

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. In the dropdown menu, click Templates and admin
  3. On the side menu, under System Tools, click System Administration
  4. Click Branches
  5. Click Edit next to your Branch
  6. Scroll down to the Media Items section and click Upload New File
    1. Name - Enter the name of your document
    2. Media Type - In the dropdown menu, click File
    3. Sub Type - In the dropdown menu, click Unspecified
    4. Printable Library Image? - Leave unticked
    5. Choose File - Click Choose File, locate your document on your computer or network. Click Open
    6. Click Upload

Add the attachment

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. In the dropdown menu, click Templates and admin
  3. On the side menu, under App Tools, click Letters & Stationery Templates
  4. Click the relevant Letter Template that you wish to add the attachment to
  5. The Letter Template opens. Click File
  6. Click Attachments
    1. Available - In the dropdown menu, click the document that you uploaded. You can repeat this step to attach more than one document
    2. Current - Displays all the documents you have selected and attached. Click the bin to remove the attachment
  7. Click Close


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