Managing maintenance issues reported by tenants using PropertyFile

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Within PropertyFile, the Maintenance module allows tenants to report maintenance issues via the Tenant Portal website. You will be able to view and process the reported maintenance issues in Alto, and Tenants and Landlords will also have visibility of the Works Orders you choose to share. You can also configure the tenant options for reporting an issue, create custom advice notes, as well as create checklists to help tenants manage small issues themselves.

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How tenants can report a maintenance issue

Your tenant(s) can report a maintenance issue by logging into the tenant portal online. The tenant will need to:

  1. Click/Tap Report An Issue
  2. Select an Issue Type
  3. Select a sub-category
  4. Attach photo(s)
  5. Review the content and click Submit


Tenants will be unable to raise a maintenance issue against a property with a management type of:

  • Not managed
  • Part managed
  • Rent collection service
  • Let only

Maintenance progress notifications

Tenants will receive updates in their PropertyFile news feed and receive email notifications for the following events:

  • Requests submitted from PropertyFile to Alto
  • New works orders created in PropertyFile
  • Works orders marked as being accepted or rejected
  • Works orders status being changed from Reported to Supplier Instructed
  • Works orders that have been Cancelled 


  • Details of the maintenance jobs can also be visible to tenants in the tenant portal where you have chosen to share this with the tenant in Alto
  • Details of the maintenance jobs can be visible to landlords in the landlord portal where you have chosen to share this with the landlord in Alto. Unacknowledged requests will not be visible to Landlords

Managing maintenance issues in Alto

Maintenance requests submitted via PropertyFile tenant portal will be visible in Alto on your Property Management Dashboard via the Works Order - Status widget.

The Works Orders with the Status of Unacknowledged will be new maintenance requests made by tenants using PropertyFile.



A record of the maintenance request submitted through the tenant portal will also be available on the property Timeline and the tenancy Timeline

  1. Click Unacknowledged on the Works Orders Status widget
  2. The Work Orders - Unacknowledged Requests window opens. Click the work order request that you want to action
  3. The Edit Works Order window opens. You can click Accept or Reject on the works order request
    1. Accept moves the works order status from Unacknowledged to New Request
    2. Reject will provide the request with a rejected status and it will be removed from the Works Orders widget


A rejected works order can be changed to accepted. Click Management on the side menu of a property record and click on the relevant rejected works order. Click Accept, and the works order will then appear in New Requests on the Works Orders widget

Sharing or not sharing a works order

By default, the works order and progression information will be visible to tenants and landlords using PropertyFile, if the respective modules have been activated by your Group Administrator.

However, it’s possible to choose not to share a works order with a landlord or a tenant.

  1. Open the relevant works order from the Works Orders Status widget
  2. In the Edit Works Order window, click Shared (shared with 1 or more parties)
    1. If the option is disabled, you'll need to to switch on the Maintenance module
      For more information on Activating PropertyFile Maintenance, click here
  3. The PropertyFile Sharing window opens. Click the tickbox(es) to determine who the works order is shared or not shared with (Landlords and/or Tenants)
    1. You can choose which tenants can view the works order by choosing a tenancy from the dropdown menu
  4. Click Save 


If you aren't sharing a works order, contacts no longer receive updates on it and the item will be removed from the Maintenance tab in the Landlord/Tenant PropertyFile portal

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