Amending a letter template

Alto uses a word processor to create and edit letter templates. As part of this process, you can permanently make changes to a template by editing the main letter template in your Letter and Stationery Templates library.   

Once a letter template is edited, everyone who has access to the letter will see the changes.  


Before editing a letter, check which branch or branches use the template as any changes will affect all those where this letter is available

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. On the side menu, under App Tools, click Letter & Stationery Templates
  3. Click the relevant Letter Template that you wish to permanently change
  4. The Letter Template opens
    1. Name - Set this as the name of your letter
    2. Branch - In the dropdown menu, select as to whether this letter will be available to individual branches, or to All Branches
    3. Brand - If your agency operates under two different brands, in the dropdown menu, select the relevant brand option
    4. Stationery - In the dropdown menu, select which stationery is best suited to this template
    5. Sale or Rent - In the dropdown menu, select the relevant option if the template you are creating is specific to one or the other
    6. Edit the contents of your letter
    7. Add a merge code, if required
      For more information on Adding merge codes to a letter template, click here
      For more information on a List of merge codes for letter templates, click here
    8. Add an attachment, if required
      For more information on Adding an attachment to a letter template, click here
  5. Click Preview to display the layout on your chosen stationery, and click Preview again to continue to edit your template
  6. Click Save
  7. Click Close

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