Managing the letter rack

When producing a letter, before finalising it, you can choose to place it in Letter Rack widget, located on the Main Dashboard. This allows you to return to the letter at a later time, edit the contents, and Finalise it by Print, Email, Email and Print or eSign.

Over the course of the day, if you have placed any letters in the letter rack, they should be managed by being finalised or cancelled. 

  1. Click Home on the main toolbar
  2. Click Main Dashboard on the Home screen side menu
  3. Scroll down to the Letter Rack widget
  4. Letters in the rack can be sorted and filtered using the dropdown menus:
    • Pending Letters - All letters that have not yet been finalised
    • Finalised Letters - All letters that have been finalised and sent to the recipients
    • By Created Date
    • By Negotiator
    • By Branch
    • By Recipient
    • By Letter Title
    • Arrow - Allows you to reorder the list to most recent first or last
  5. Click on an individual letter to view the contents. You can edit it and Finalise
  6. Select several letter(s) from the list which you want to manage
    • Tick the box on the right of each letter to select several letters in the list
    • Tick the box on the Letter Rack widget toolbar to select all letters in the list
  7. Click the Cog on the Letter Rack widget toolbar. All selected letters will be sent by the method which you choose from the dropdown menu:
    • Finalise & Print Selection
    • Finalise & E-Mail Selection
    • Finalise, Print & E-Mail Selection
    • Cancel Selected Letters

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