Letter editor features bullet points and numbering

Alto uses its own word processor to create letter templates. As part of this process, you're able to use the editor features in the processor to change the numbering and bullet point style in a list.  

Whilst you don't need any knowledge of HTML to format these features, if you are familiar with it, you can click Source in any letter template to write your letter in HTML instead of text.  

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Letter editor features

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. On the side menu, under App Tools, click Letters & Stationery Templates
  3. Click the relevant Letter Template that you wish to add changes
  4. The Edit Letter Template window opens. A toolbar of icons will display, in order of left to right
    • Insert/Remove Numbered ListPress the Tab key to advance numbering to the next level
    • Insert/Remove Bulleted ListPress the Tab key to advance bullet points to next style
    • Strike Through - Places a line through the selected text
    • Source - Shows the text in HTML format


Changing numbered lists

Numbered lists can be edited so your starting number is different to the auto generated number 1.

  1. Click Insert/Remove Numbered List
  2. Right click and click Numbered List Properties
    1. Start - Edit the number which you want your numbers to start at
    2. Type - Click your preferred numbering type from the list
    3. Click OK


Changing bullet points

The bullet point can be edited so your bullet is different to the auto generated dark dot.

  1. Click Insert/Remove Bulleted List
  2. Right click and click Bulleted List Properties
    1. Type - Click your preferred style of bullet
    2. Click OK


Strike Through

  1. Highlight the text in your letter template 
  2. Click Strike Through
  3. A line will appear through the text you highlighted

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