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All money receipted into Alto which is not allocated to a charge is known as Monies HeldA full detailed report showing a breakdown of Monies Held can be seen on the Property Management Dashboard in the Monies Held widget

  1. Click Home on the main toolbar
  2. Click Property Management Dashboard on the Home screen side menu
  3. Scroll down to the Monies Held widget. It displays:
    • Total amount of Monies Held
    • Total number of Contacts/Tenancies with Monies Held
  4. Click the Monies Held widget
  5. The Monies Held window opens. Each column identifies where the Monies Held has been receipted and on to which record. Click on an individual line to view more details
  6. The Receive From window opens
    • Monies can be allocated to a charge, if required
    • Monies Held can be seen as a total
    • You can click the contact to link through to the contact or tenancy record, via the slide window 


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