You're only able to amend a properties renewal date once a proposed tenancy is finalised. The renewal date is the date when you wish to start being notified on your Property Management Dashboard that a tenancy is approaching its end date, and that you need to action your renewal procedure.

A property's renewal date can be accessed in either one of two ways:

From Progressions:

  1. Click Progressions on the main toolbar
  2. Click on the relevant property
  3. Click Edit Tenancy
  4. In the Tenancy Details section, change the Renewal Date
  5. Click Save

From the Property:

  1. Click Property on the main toolbar
  2. Select the relevant property from Recent & Favourite Properties
    1. Alternatively, find the property using the Search Properties bar in the top right
  3. Click Actions
  4. In the dropdown menu, click Lettings Progression
  5. Click Edit Tenancy
  6. In the Tenancy Details section, change the Renewal Date
  7. Click Save


The initial Renewal Date is defined by your system configuration as it's set to a date at a specified number of days before the tenancy End Date

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