Tenant deductions from rent without reducing agency commission

Zenya Allen
Zenya Allen
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In Alto, you're able to process a deduction from a tenants rent without it affecting the agency commission.  

To process the correct deduction and commission calculation, you will need to receipt the amount paid by the tenant and then refund the deduction against the tenants arrears balance.

This article includes: 

Receipt amount paid by tenant

  1. Click Tenancies on the main toolbar
  2. Select the relevant tenancy from Recent & Favourite Tenancies
    1. Alternatively, find the tenancy using the Search Tenancies bar in the top right
  3. The tenancy Overview displays. Click Actions 
  4. In the dropdown menu, click Receipt
  5. Enter the amount paid by the tenant, into the Amount Received, and allocate it to the correct rent invoice. This will leave an amount still owing in arrears
  6. Click Update


Process deduction for agency commission

  1. Click Actions 
  2. In the dropdown menu, click Refund
  3. The Refunds For This Tenancy window opens. Click Add Refund Item
    1. Charge Item - Open the dropdown menu, click Landlord Income and click Sundry
    2. Edit the Description as required. This will appear on the landlords statement
    3. Enter the Net Amount 
    4. Click OK
  4. Click Deduct to offset the rent arrears 
    1. Refund Type - Open the dropdown menu and click Internet
    2. Send Refund - Untick this option, otherwise the tenant will receive a copy of the refund advice
    3. Total to Refund - Set this as £0.00
    4. Click Update


Landlords statement preview

The landlords statement will show the agent claiming the full commission on the rent and include details of the deduction.
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