Overseas tax / NRL - process tax quarterly

Alto enables you to process Non Resident Landlord (NRL) tax. Whilst the process below is to process tax quarterly, the same process should be followed for yearly tax processing.

Once processed, you can produce and print the quarterly (and yearly) NRL tax reports. These are required by the HMRC for overseas landlords.
For more information on Printing HMRC reports, click here

To process NRL tax quarterly:

  1. Click Accounts on the main toolbar
  2. On the side menu, within the Bank Transactions section, click Process NRL Tax
  3. Click View on the client account you will be processing the NRL tax from
  4. Click the Pay NRL Tax top tab
  5. Include - In the dropdown menu, either click All Branches or an individual branch
  6. Payment Method - In the dropdown menu, click the relevant method for which you will pay the NRL tax to the HMRC
  7. Payment Reference - Add a reference of your choice
  8. Quarter End - In the dropdown menu, click the relevant quarter you are processing in the corresponding year
  9. Total Payment - All those in the list to be paid, selected with a tick, will equal this amount
  10. Click Update 


Once you click Update, the process cannot be reversed

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