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The Client Bank Balances report is a real time report that shows the reconciled balances for all client bank accounts in Alto. It provides you with a breakdown of all monies located in each of your bank accounts.


This report is a real time report and cannot be run retrospectively/backdated or date ranged. 
We strongly recommend that you schedule this report to be automatically e-mailed to you on a regular basis (at least once a month) and then save it in a dedicated file for auditing purposes

To create your Client Bank Balances report:

  1. Click Reports on the main toolbar
  2. Click Property Management Financials in the side menu under Reporting Groups 
  3. Click Client Bank Balances under Property Management Financials Reports 
  4. Click Create Report to generate a one off report
    1. You can also Export the report into a .pdf, Excel or .csv document if you prefer to view it in an alternative format
  5. The report will automatically open in a new browser tab once created
    1. It'll also be available within your Report requests, allowing you to open it later should you wish. Click Open to open the report or Clear to remove it

On the first page of the report, you have a summary of all monies reconciled in each of your bank accounts. Each bank account is then listed separately with a more detailed breakdown.

The following columns depicts where the monies are held:

  • Name: Address - Name and address of the contact that the monies in the bank account are allocated to
  • At Bank - Total money you have in the bank account for that contact
  • Fees Owed - Fees due to your agency that are to be deducted out of the bank account in relation to the contact
  • Expenses Owed - Expenses to be deducted out of the bank in relation to the contact
  • Tax Owed - Overseas tax that is available to pay to HMRC for the payment appropriate to the relevant quarter date, in relation to the contact
  • Net Ledger Balance - Net balance held for that contact in the bank account 


Depending on the setup of your accounts, you may not see each of the columns listed above as they may not be applicable

You can schedule the report to be automatically generated by Alto and sent via email to selected users. 

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