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You can monitor your arrears and send out arrears letters to a tenancy or individual contact record from the Arrears widget on the Property Management Dashboard.

You can filter by switching between Tenancy and Contact arrears.

  • Tenancy Arrears shows a list of all arrears outstanding on a Tenancy record
  • Contact Arrears shows a list of all arrears outstanding on an individual Landlord or Tenant record

Items showing in the arrears list are raised charges whose due date is in the past.

  1. Click Home on the main toolbar
  2. Click Property Management Dashboard on the Home screen side menu
  3. The Arrears widget displays at the top. To switch between Tenancy and Contact, click on the respective heading
    1. Hover over and click a section of the doughnut graph to view the corresponding list of arrears
    2. Hover over a date range, then click on Arrears to view the corresponding list of arrears
  4. Both Tenancy and Contact arrears display the following amount of arrears. You can click on any of the column headings to sort the list by a different order  
    • Delivery Options
      • Contact Delivery Method - Sends the arrears letter to the lead tenant/contacts preferred Account Delivery Method on their Contact page
      • Print All - Creates the arrears letter in a new tab on your browser for you to print and mail
    • Send From - Use the dropdown menu to change whom the letters are being sent from
    • Document Template - A template will already be selected for the date range you chose, alternatively, if you have set up additional arrears templates, select it from the dropdown menu
    • The Search bar will search any contact, address or amount in the list
    • Name is that of the lead tenant for the tenancy or the name of the contact
    • Property Address and Postcode are where the tenant/contact is currently living
    • No. of Items lists the total number of charges which they are in arrears
    • Total Arrears lists the total amount of their arrears
    • Monies Held lists the amount of money paid that hasn't yet been allocated to a charge
  5. Click the top Tick symbol to include everyone in the list, when you send your selected Document Template letter. Alternatively, tick only those you want to send and leave the remaining not sent with the X symbol
  6. Click Create Document(s) to send the document(s) via the selected Delivery Options 

A record is recorded on the relevant contact Timeline.


If there is a tenancy rent charge for multiple tenants, Alto will only send arrears to the head tenant. However, we suggest that you split the rent so each tenant has their own share - this way you can keep track of who pays (or who doesn't), enabling you to then chase tenants who owe monies

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