Step-Through records

Step-Through mode allows you to toggle your match groups between the usual "List View" and "Step-Through mode", which allows you to view the details of each item and navigate through the list. 


Step-Through mode is available on Search results, and also on all groups except All Contacts and Recent & Favourite Contacts

  1. Click Property, Contacts, or Tenancy on the main toolbar
  2. Click Groups in the top left
  3. Click the relevant group on the side menu
  4. A toggle appears alongside the group name
    1. Alternatively, you can use the Search bar in the top right to generate a search list
  5. Slide the toggle On
  6. The Pin These (Contacts/Properties/Tenancies) For Later window opens. Click Yes to pin the records. This ensures:
    1. The exact list of records will be saved until you later decide to unpin or update the group
    2. Alto remembers your current position in the list, including the tab you were reviewing
    3. The description and the pin will be visible against your match group. This helps you remember your original intention between logins
    4. Alto retains the tab that you have visible, rather than returning you to the Overview each time you step to another record
  7. Whilst in Step-Through mode, you can:
    1. Use the Actions, Docs and Print dropdown menus, if required
    2. On the side menu, click <, Prev, Next and > to navigate through the records


  • You can slide the toggle to switch to "List View" at any time, and use it again to return to your pinned step-through as Alto remembers exactly which record you were on
  • You can edit your list by changing the group criteria, and sliding the toggle to switch back to an updated list
  • If you click the pin alongside the group name, the Unpin The List Of (Contacts/Properties/Tenancies) Now? window opens. Click Yes - Unpin the list or No - Keep the list pinned to unpin or keep the list


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