Adding a date to a property

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In a property record, you have the option to add dates to remind you of important recurring events relating to the property, such as gas safety certificates and EPCs.

This is also sometimes a follow-up once you've uploaded any compliance certificates to the relevant property record, to remind you when the renewal is due.
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  • A property must be as far as the instructing phase before dates can be added
  • Alto will show these dates when they are due to be actioned in the Event Dates widget, on your Property Management Dashboard
  1. Click Properties on the main toolbar
  2. Select the relevant property from Recent & Favourite Properties
    1. Alternatively, find the property using the Search Properties bar in the top right
  3. Click Management on the side menu
  4. Click the Dates top tab
  5. Click Add Date 
    (You'll only need to click Add Date where an Event Type isn't already showing on the Dates top tab)
  6. The Add Date window opens
    1. In the i dropdown menu, click the relevant type of date you wish to set a reminder for
    2. Click the appropriate status (usually Pending as it's a new date reminder being added)
    3. Select the Due Date for the reminder
    4. Add any relevant Notes
  7. Click Update

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