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Neil Jowett
Neil Jowett
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You can mark a sales property as a new build so that it uploads to the relevant new build homes for sale section on the internet portals.

  1. Click Properties on the main toolbar
  2. Select the relevant property from Recent & Favourite Properties
    1. Alternatively, find the property using the Search Properties bar in the top right
  3. Click Property on the side menu
  4. In the Property top tab, within the About the Property section, tick the New Build tickbox
  5. Click Save

The property will shortly appear in the relevant new build homes for sale section on the portals.


On a property record, there are two methods you can use to upload it to the internet portals and they both work simultaneously:

  • (within Property > Marketing) if it's marked to Publish to Web, OR,
  • (within Overview > Portal Publishing) if Include all portals/Include is ticked

Properties will not upload to the portals unless they are set as Available. As such, the Portal Publishing button is only visible on statuses that can be published, i.e. Available, Let Marketing, and Instructed, where it'll automatically update the status of a property to become Available

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