Upgrade notes Version 2020.15

Verity Stanford-Tuck
Verity Stanford-Tuck
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This Alto release went live on 28th July.

This article includes: 

Feature Improvements

New Support from Alto

The Ask Alto button has been replaced with a dynamic button for new web chat and Help Centre content.  You will be able to access 3 key features from this button: 

  • Search the new Help Centre to find articles that answer your questions 
  • Web chat will enable you to speak to one of our Support Agent directly (Monday - Friday during office hours)
  • And Submit a ticket to our team (if it is out of office hours)

The text on the button will change depending on the type of support available to you: 

  • Chat during office hours
  • Help outside of office hours

The Help Centre has had a refresh to make the articles even clearer and more helpful, and easier to find. 

Alternatively, the new Guide button gives you direct access to the Help Centre without going through chat first.


Match Output wizard

The Match Output Wizard has a new option to Print/Post a Covering Letter.  Selecting this option will simply print a letter. You may find this useful where you want to send pre-printed property brochures to an applicant.  


To include a list of the properties to send to the applicant, include the #property_list_basic# merge field in the covering letter.  


Configurable property templates for match emails

The Match Output Wizard has a new option to select a template to use.  You can now have multiple templates to choose from when sending a match email, rather than the single EmailPropertyRow template.  


The new dropdown field on the Output Wizard will default to the template you choose as your default.  Group Administrators can select the Default Match Email Property Layout under System Administration -> Branches.  



Although the output will change, i.e. different layouts, they aren't able to be previewed and the accompanying email message can't be swapped out for others. If you wish to use a different email message, you'll need to type in the field below, making sure to leave the merge codes and then apply to all