Booking a market appraisal for a property

Neil Jowett
Neil Jowett
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The steps below outline how to book a market appraisal appointment for a property.

  1. Click Properties on the main toolbar
  2. Select the relevant property from Recent & Favourite Properties
    1. Alternatively, find the property using the Search Properties bar in the top right
  3. Click Actions
  4. In the dropdown menu, click Book a Market Appraisal
  5. In the Appraiser dropdown menu, click the staff member who will carry out the appraisal
  6. If another staff member is joining them, click their name from within the Accompanied By dropdown menu
  7. A Date & Time for the appointment can be entered, or selected using the calendar
  8. If a Reminder is required, click the appropriate time from within the dropdown menu
  9. Click the relevant Type of appraisal from within the dropdown menu
  10. In the Lead Source dropdown menu, click the relevant marketing approach which has attracted the owner to you
  11. Type in any required Notes
  12. Click Save
  13. The Send Confirmations and Set Up Reminders for this Market Appraisal window opens. You can choose to send confirmation messages to the owner; amend the E-Mail and/or SMS Text message to your liking, and choose whether to send out a Reminder closer to the appointment.
    Click Send All when ready
  14. You may be offered the opportunity to produce an appraisal form in readiness for the appointment and, if the owner doesn't have an email address or mobile phone, an appointment confirmation letter. These can be handled like any other letter
    For more information on how to Create and send an event driven letter, click here

An appointment for this appraisal appears in the diary, a new contact record for the owner is created (if they were added as new), and a task added. This ensures that the market appraisal is subsequently followed up.

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