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PropertyFile is an online platform designed to keep your clients informed and updated on their properties. Using PropertyFile you can allow them instant access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are pleased to announce that in this upgrade we have released the first part of this platform; "Vendor Portal". You can invite your Vendors to track key statistics such as their property's marketing performance, following their viewings, manage offers and follow their sales progression.

PropertyFile is an online platform that connects you with your customers, allowing you to provide a better level of customer service, making your agency stand out from the crowd and allowing you to win more instructions.
For more information, please the PropertyFile & Other Services section of the Help Centre.

Getting Started - Activating PropertyFile in Alto

How to Set Up PropertyFile

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. On the side menu, under System Tools, click PropertyFile
  3. Click Activate My Account
  4. Choose your Domain name (we suggest using the first part of your current website domain name, this will be the unique URL which your Vendors will use when logging into PropertyFile)  
  5. Add your Name
  6. Enter your Contact Details (this may be used should we need to contact you about information specific to PropertyFile)
  7. Select which branches you would like to be part of the domain by dragging them from Available to Selected Branches (Only branches selected at this stage will be part of the domain)
  8. Click Save. PropertyFile is now activated



Once a branch is included in the PropertyFile domain, it will remain within the domain

PropertyFile Configuration

Once your PropertyFile account has been activated, you will need to configure and customise it to suit your agency. PropertyFile allows you to upload a logo, personalise your microsite and configure your settings.  

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. On the side menu, under System Tools, click PropertyFile
  3. On Alto PropertyFile Administration, click the Pencil alongside your Domain
  4. The PropertyFile Dashboard will open. Click General Configuration on the side menu to configure your PropertyFile settings
  5. Add your Agency name and Website address

Add logos and style to your site

  1. On the PropertyFile dashboard, click Logos on the side menu (or click the blue Configure button).
  2. Click Choose file and locate your agency's logo from your computer and select the image to upload
  • For optimal results, please provide a high-quality logo, with a maximum width of 300 pixels and a maximum height of 100 pixels.  Please do not upload a file size larger than 900KB
  • The Main Logo is what you will see once you are logged into PropertyFile, and the Landing Page Logo is what users will see if they visit your microsite before logging in 


We recommend keeping both your logos the same size

How To Customise The Look Of Your Microsite 

  1. On the PropertyFile dashboard, click Colour Scheme on the side menu

Here you can edit the colour scheme of your microsite.  

Your microsite's colours are defined by a six-digit hex code. (If you are unsure of your hex code but know the RGB, please click here). 

Please consult your agency's brand guidelines if you do not know your company's colour codes.  

You are free to edit the colours on this page and how you would like them to appear. To amend them, you can either click on the field and choose a colour using the palette, or, you can type in the hex code for that colour.  

Amending the colours will change your site as follows: 

  • Primary colour - this will alter the colour of the header bar and main overall colour
  • Secondary colour - this will alter the colour of buttons, banners and smaller elements of the microsite


Click Advanced if you want to change the colour of more specific elements of your microsite

Once the colours have been amended to your preferences, you can preview how your microsite will look by clicking Visit your page.  

Watch the brief Activation Video below for a walkthrough: 

Change Text On Email Invites 

To change the text and contents of your PropertyFile generated emails, go to your PropertyFile dashboard and click Email Templates from the side menu.  

You can edit the default email content and view a sample email by selecting the preview link at the bottom of each email section.  

You can return to the previous screen by closing the preview tab of the email.

Make any changes to your emails but remember to preview your changes before clicking Save.  


If you make any changes to your emails and wish to return to the standard content we supply, you can click Use Default Templates and we will replace all emails with our standard content

How To Manage PropertyFile Users In Alto

Invite Vendors On Marketing a Property

If a property and a vendor are linked to a branch which is included in an active PropertyFile domain, users will have the option to invite the vendor to PropertyFile, as the property is marketed.  

  1. When you click Change Status and select to change a property status to Available, the Change Property Status screen will give you the option to invite the vendor(s) to PropertyFile.  
  2. Vendors are automatically set to be invited to PropertyFile, if they have a Not Invited status.  
  3. If you do not wish to invite the user to PropertyFile, please slide the toggle off: details are available as you hover over the toggle:
  4. If your vendor does have an email address on the contact record, you will be promoted to add one when you make the property available
  5. The email address you enter will be added to the contact record, and used to invited the user to PropertyFile


Vendors previously invited to PropertyFile will have their status displayed here, in place of the invite toggle.  If you hover over the toggle or the PropertyFile status indicator, the description will be displayed

Manual Invite Vendors

Once you have activated PropertyFile and included branches in PropertyFile domain, all vendors will have a PropertyFile tab.  Users will have the option to manually invite a vendor to use PropertyFile.  

  1. Select a vendor from the Contacts tab. Click Contacts on the main toolbar
  2. Select the relevant property from Recent & Favourite Properties
    1. Alternatively, find the contact using the Search Contacts bar in the top right
  3. Click PropertyFile on the side menu
  4. The PropertyFile tab will display the vendor's PropertyFile status and their PropertyFile login name, which is based on their email address
  5. Vendors with a PropertyFile status of Not Invited may be sent an invite to PropertyFile when a user clicks Send Invite  
  6. The vendor will receive an email inviting them to join PropertyFile, based on the Activation Email - Vendor template previously configured
  7. The vendor's PropertyFile status will change to Pending 


If the seller has used PropertyFile with another agency, they will still need to register again as their login is unique to your agency

What Is Visible In PropertyFile (Login as Admin)

Once a vendor has been invited to PropertyFile, Alto users have the option of using the Login as Admin button to access a vendor's PropertyFile account to see the information visible to the vendor within PropertyFile.  

The PropertyFile home screen will be based on your agency's PropertyFile configuration.  The vendor will see any properties they have listed with the following data: 

  • The number of views their property has had 
  • The number of property viewings scheduled to take place
  • The number of offers waiting to be accepted
  • The number of tasks completed as part of the progression of your sale (this will be visible only if an offer has been accepted).  


The Marketing tab details property viewings statistics from the portals who publish this information.  Your customers will be able to see the number of adverts / brochures their property has been included in.  


The viewings tab details property viewings scheduled to take place, including the viewing status.  

Once viewings have moved to the past, you are able to enter viewing feedback in Alto.  

Feedback entered into Alto will be visible to your customers using PropertyFile.  Past viewings are also summarised in the lower section of the Viewings tab including external feedback added to Alto.  


Internal feedback will not be visible in PropertyFile


All offers made on a Property will be included in PropertyFile, including their status.  

Sales Progression

PropertyFile can allow your vendors to keep up to date with their sales progression through their PropertyFile account.

Activating Sales Progression for Vendors

For your vendors to view their sales progression, the Sales Progression module will need to be switched on.  


It is also important to ensure Sales Progression is checked in Advanced Configuration

Sales Progression for Vendors 

Once activated, the vendor with a PropertyFile account will be able to view the milestones you have set for both their side of a sale and the buyer's side and view the notes.  

  • When editing the Sales Progression, each milestone has a Notes section.  Here you can enter any additional information regarding that part of the sale and it will then be visible to the vendor on PropertyFile (if you have opted for this in your PropertyFile configuration).  


Notes will only be visible on Vendor progression in PropertyFile

  • The vendor can click through to either part of the sale and view the milestones, along with information about that milestone and any notes the agent has written against the milestone.  
  • PropertyFile will be updated when a Sales Progression task is marked as Complete.  Tasks set as In Progress will not be visible in PropertyFile
  • Within PropertyFile, the notes will appear in each milestone for the relevant party
  • A green tick represents a completed milestone in Alto along with the date the task was completed

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