Connecting via TeamViewer

You can quickly and easily set up a remote dial in for Support.

The Support team use TeamViewer to remotely access your computer when answering a query or request you have raised.

To set up a TeamViewer remote connection:

  1. Click on the TeamViewer link at the top of the Alto Help Centre
    1. Alternatively, please click here to download it
  2. The PSG online support feedback form opens. At the bottom of the screen, TeamViewerQS should appear as a downloadable file
    1. If it hasn't appeared within 5 seconds, you can click a link at the top of the form to manually download it
  3. Click on the TeamViewerQS file once downloaded


  4. The Allow Remote Control window will display a 9 digit ID. The Password may be starred out. Support will ask for Your ID in order to connect to your machine
  5. Ensure you leave TeamViewer open or minimised on your computer during the support call


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