Upgrade notes Version 2020.10

This Alto release went live on 22nd May.

This article includes: 

New Features

Property Navigator

When viewing properties via the Property Navigator on a contact record, the background is now blurred to prevent you from inadvertently displaying the personal details of other contacts to a customer in your branch.


Property fields on Publisher templates

Property fields with a comma suffix are now available on publisher templates. When using these fields, you do not need to add a comma directly to the template, therefore when a field is blank, no comma is displayed. 

  • #P-ADDRESS-NAMENO_withcomma #
  • #P-ADDRESS-STREET_withcomma #
  • #P-ADDRESS-LOCALITY_withcomma #
  • #P-ADDRESS-TOWN_withcomma #
  • #P-ADDRESS-COUNTY_withcomma #

Property Management Issues Resolved

Allocation of held monies

Allocation of held monies to a charge where the VAT amount had been amended, could cause receipts for 1p to be created. This issue has now been resolved.

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