Upgrade notes Version 2020.12

This Alto release went live on 18th June.

This article includes: 

Feature Improvements

Changes to rental frequency

When changing the Rental Frequency on an available property, a price change event is now triggered and a rental price change Timeline entry is created. The property will also be re-published to the web. 

Price decrease - where the rent frequency is less frequent. For example, changed from weekly to monthly.

Price increase - where the rent frequency is more frequent. For example, changed from monthly to weekly.

Additional Movement Book Filters

It is now possible to filter the Movement Book on properties at a status of ‘Available’ (or ‘Let (Marketing)’), and those properties that have undergone a price change. To accommodate these new filters and provide more logical grouping, the layout of filters has changed:

Retention of Movement Book Filters

When a user logs off and back on to Alto, or refreshes the browser, the previous filter selection that had been made on the Movement Book is now retained to avoid users having to make the same set of selections each time they visit the page. The date selection is not retained so that it always defaults to the previous period.

PropertyFile status on Viewing Card

If you have activated PropertyFile (Activating PropertyFile) you now have the option to invite contacts to PropertyFile from the viewing card. Contacts eligible to access one or more of the portals, will have the PropertyFile tab on their contact record, where you will see the invite option. The viewing card will now display a contact’s PropertyFile status or give you the option to invite them to join. 


Property Management Feature Improvements

Create a new tenancy

It is now possible to set-up a proposed tenancy for a contact linked to a previous or existing tenancy in the same property.  This situation usually occurs when there is a change of tenants in the tenancy requiring a new tenancy to be created.  Previously, when creating the proposed tenancy via Make an Offer or Let Agreed, the following message was displayed:

The following warning message is now displayed giving you the option to continue and create a new proposed tenancy.


Issues Resolved

Branch Settings>Custom Locations

An error was appearing when enabling disabled custom locations. This issue has been resolved.


Property Management Issues Resolved

NRL Reports>NRLY:Annual Information Return

If a payment had not been made to HMRC in a tax year, it was not possible to create an NRLY report for that year. This issue has now been resolved and the NRLY report can be created for a financial year regardless of whether tax has been paid to HMRC in the period.

Property Management Dashboard>Arrears

Multiple clicks on the Create Document(s) button resulted in multiple letters being sent to a tenant. This issue has now been resolved.

Group Settings>Management Diary Events

When creating a new management diary event type, the name was not saved. If this was not resolved by unselecting/selecting the new item, the property management dashboard would display an error. This issue has now been resolved.

Transactions>Commission credits

When reversing a receipt, a commission credit is automatically created if the original receipt generated a commission charge. Crediting this type of commission credit created a commission charge which could result in an insufficient funds problem, if the original commission had been paid via Accounts>Process Agency Fees. To resolve this issue, crediting a commission credit transaction that has been created when reversing a receipt is no longer allowed.

Property Expense and Property Fee Credits

It was possible to credit a property expense or fee transaction more than once from different instances of Alto. If both the credits appeared on a landlord statement, this would result in an insufficient funds problem. To resolve this issue, if a second user tries to credit a transaction at the same time as another user, the update will fail and a message advising that the charge has been changed by another person or process will be displayed.

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