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In order to book a viewing from a contact, they must be set as a Client and the sales property must first have a status of Available or for a lettings property, either Available or Let (Marketing).

Viewings can be booked from a number of places, including the property and the Diary. When you start the process, you'll be presented with the Customer Viewing Manager.

This article includes: 

Booking an unconfirmed viewing

  1. Click Contacts on the main toolbar
  2. Select the relevant contact from Recent & Favourite Contacts
    1.  Alternatively, find the contact using the Search Contacts bar in the top right
  3. Click Actions
  4. In the dropdown menu, click Book a viewing 
  5. The Customer Viewing Manager window opens. On the viewing bar, you can set the appropriate details. The viewing will default to be in your name, click on your name to amend it, if required
  6. Click the date and times to amend them, as required
  7. Click Reminder if you wish to set an on Screen reminder, an SMS reminder, or Both
  8. The viewing may be set as Unaccompanied. Click the dropdown menu and click either Meet at Office or Meet at Property, as required
  9. In The Property section, use the search bar to find and click the relevant property (Alto will detail whether the property is For Sale or To Let)
  10. You can add several Applicant(s) to the same viewing. Once you have selected at least one applicant, click + Add alongside the applicants name
  11. Click Save Viewing 


If you click on the calendar symbol, the Diary opens. This shows your diary which includes the viewing, unless you have changed the name in the viewing bar
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Confirming the viewing

The steps above book the appointment into the diary as an unconfirmed viewing. In order to confirm the viewing, you need to complete the below Tasks which were added when you booked the viewing.

The Tasks can be completed from within the Customer Viewing Manager window.


  1. Click the Planned Tasks to expand the tasks list
  2. Tick Confirm viewing with Applicant
  3. Tick Confirm viewing with Vendor/Landlord
  4. Once complete, you'll be presented with the opportunity to confirm the viewing by email or text message. This can be ignored and a letter printed or sent by email, if preferred

Email/Text Options

Once the viewing is confirmed, you have the opportunity to send an email or text confirmation, and set up reminders for the viewing. 

  • If the contacts have an email address and a mobile number, confirmation is sent using both methods by default
  • If the contacts only have an email address, email will be the default. Click the tick to remove the option
  • If the email address and/or mobile number is not in the contact record, you can add it in the relevant box to send the confirmation and reminder

Reminders can be sent even if the confirmation email or text wasn't sent. However, the Reminder field won't be available for selection if the appointment date/time has already passed, typically if booking an appointment on the same day.

If a viewing or market appraisal is cancelled, the scheduled Reminder will be cancelled and a cancellation message will be sent in place of it.

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