Property Management Dashboard overview

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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The Property Management Dashboard can be used as a central hub from which you can get a quick snapshot of data relating to your lettings properties, landlords and/or tenants. All of these can be filtered by branch and/or property manager.

The Property Management Dashboard is made up of a range of widgets, all of which you can click into, to view in more detail.


Prioritise tasks for your agency and never miss a key date

  • Event Dates - See what needs to be done, and when, by viewing all upcoming event dates that are to be renewed for your tenancies. The events are colour coded by type (orange are upcoming, red are overdue) and from here, you can manage due or overdue dates so you're never out the loop for insurance renewals, property inspections, compliance checks and safety certificates

Oversee accounting and payment statuses

  • Arrears - Monitor your arrears and send out arrears letters to a tenancy or individual contact
  • Landlords To Pay - View the total that you owe your landlords and pay them individually or in bulk
  • Suppliers To Pay - View all invoices that are due to be paid to suppliers and pay them individually or in bulk
  • Works Orders - View an overview of your works orders by priority or status, as well as edit their details, and add charges when invoices are received
  • Vacated Tenancy Charges - View the number of vacated/vacating tenancies with charges
  • Monies Held - View a breakdown of monies held, i.e. all money receipted into Alto which is not allocated to a charge
  • Expired Charges - View the number of records with expired charges, i.e. all charges that have gone past their specified end date and are no longer active
  • Outstanding Refunds - View the number of tenancies with outstanding refunds
  • Unallocated Credits - View the number, and total amount, of outstanding negative invoices. From here, you're able to view and resolve all outstanding negative invoices
  • Deposits Not Registered - View the number of tenancy records whose deposit Registration Number hasn't been completed in their Deposit top tab
  • Deposits To Be Refunded - View the number of tenancies with outstanding deposits to be refunded
  • Deposits In Dispute - View the number of deposits in dispute

Track the progression of tenancies

  • Tenancy - View an overview of your tenancies and filter accordingly as to how far through the move-in, renewal or vacation process they are

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