Accessing the Help Centre

For long term Alto users, what you previously knew as the Knowledge Centre, has moved, had a refresh and is now called the Help Centre.

The Help Centre contains a variety of 'how to' articles, and can be accessed in several ways.

This article includes: 

Accessing the Help Centre from within Alto

You can go directly to the Help Centre if you:

  1. Click Help
  2. Click Help Centre


There is a powerful search on the Help Centre but you can also scroll down the page to browse the categories which are laid out in a similar fashion to the Alto main toolbar.   

You can also indirectly reach the Help Centre via the Support option within Alto:

  1. Click Help
  2. Click Support
  3. Search for what you need and relevant Help Centre articles will display
  4. Click on the the relevant article title to open the article in the widget 
  5. To access the full article in the Help Centre, click the expanding arrow at the top right 


A few articles will need to be viewed in full, for example, any troubleshooting articles, and any of the My Alto forms.

Accessing the Help Centre using the direct URL

The Help Centre can be accessed directly using the following link: You can bookmark this link as the Help Centre is open to all and not restricted to login.

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