Upgrade notes Version 2020.13

This Alto release went live on 2nd July.

This article includes: 

Issues Resolved

Contact Match Groups

When creating a contact match group, the Living Within and Search Notes fields were mutually exclusive. Therefore, it was not possible to find contact records where both fields matched the search criteria. This issue has now been resolved.

Tools -> Letter & Stationery Templates

Users (including Administrators) are no longer able to delete or supersede the following system required templates, to avoid the accidental deletion of business critical templates:

  • CoveringLetterForBrochure
  • CoveringLetterForBrowseSheets
  • CoveringLetterForVendorReport
  • Landlord copy statement
  • Landlord statement
  • Landlord period statement
  • NRL6 template
  • NRLY template
  • Raise Invoice Template
  • Receipt Template
  • Refund Template
  • Supplier Payment Advice template
  • Works order request quotation template
  • Works order supplier instruction template

In addition to the above, users (including Administrators) are no longer able to amend, delete or supersede the following system required templates, to prevent breaking system processes:

  • Property For Sale List Item
  • Property For Rent List Item
  • Vendor Report
  • Activity Report

Property Management Issues Resolved

Period Statements

Time out errors were occurring when searching for records.  The query has been optimised to reduce the risk of a time out error occurring.

Invoice Document

Invoice documents fail to generate when there is no invoice template linked to the default brand for the branch. A document generation error is now displayed advising the user to check template settings.

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