PropertyFile Release Notes Version 5 - Vendor Portal (phase 2)

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New Features

Vendor Portal - Option to Deselect Properties

The Vendor Portal allows you to invite your vendors to view updates of their sales properties 24 hours a day. We have made a change to this functionality so you can choose which properties you allow your vendors to see when they login via the portal.

  1. Click on a Vendor you have invited or would like to invite to Vendor Portal 
  2. Click PropertyFile on the side menu
  3. A list of sale properties belonging to the Vendor will be displayed 
  4. Click to deselect a property
  5. All properties with an X against them will not be available to your Vendor when they login to PropertyFile
  6. Once your Vendor has been invited, please click login as admin to verify this change 

For more information on the Vendor Portal and how it may benefit your business, please see the release notes for the Vendor Portal.

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