Your project coordinator will arrange for either your migrations analyst or a trainer to contact you, to outline the structure of the test migration review. This will done with Team Viewer, allowing us access onto your computer, to work together during the initial review process.  

They will be able to walk you around your demo system, advise you as to the specific areas of your demo system that require inspection and answer any questions or concerns you may have.  

Once the test migration review has been completed, you will be advised to continue personally reviewing your Alto demo database, highlighting any further errors you may find as soon as possible with your migrations analyst.  

When testing, if any discrepancies are reported, we will make those changes where possible, and present the updated data in your test system for you to review again, or continue reviewing where you left off. This process can be done as many times as required, to make sure we have everything as correct as possible, ready for your go live.

We would strongly recommend you review and run through the Test Migration - Data Review Checklist and Test Migration - Record Review Procedure Help Centre articles, which will help you to facilitate the checking process.

Your migrations analyst will send you a Test Migration Sign-Off Report, which requires completing and signing off as you review each section of your test system.

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